Not enough hours in my day – Work Life + Travel + Blogging + Romance = one tired bunny!

Life balance, that mystical hard to achieve concept is still eluding me. I find myself thinking I’m doing well then one thing goes awry and the result is a feeling of being on constant catch up.

Today I’m in Dublin at the Travel Bloggers Conference – TBEX Europe’13 Dublin, @TBEXevents attempting to juggle my two hats of travel and food blogger with Travel and Tourism PR. There are hundreds of travel bloggers here from around the world, all with different stories, experiences and how to capture and engage your audience.

So far we have heard from key note speaker Chip Conley, delivering an inspiring speech on travel and all round approach to life when travelling. In that we are lucky and quite privileged to experience travel as part of our jobs. (I’m slightly cheating here, as I’m not quite in this league of travel blogger, who is making a living from their blog) but it’s the dream…

So far I’m learning organisation and top tips on how to set your travel blog apart and engage with your readers:

No.1 Entertain
No.2 Create Desire
No.3 Good Visual Photography or videos
No.4 Organise your blog and tabs – Favourite cities, Countries visited etc

More travel blogging tips from the experts later …