Liverpool’s Stylish Salthouse Charcuteria & Tapas Bar

Salthouse, Menu, Liverpool

Salthouse, Menu, Liverpool

First pit stop of the day, straight off the train from London and I’m in need of sustenance and some good food, after my train journey.. where to go, where to go. Ok so i haven’t done any homework to search out the cool spots to head to in Liverpool and next time will be with planning. My brother and his fiancee and two children (v cute) live up Norff and so I sporadically head Norff from time to time.

This time bad planning as lots going on in London town at the moment, so I literally stop a couple of likely looking stylish Liverpudlians, trust me these people know fashion. It’s actually quite a culture shock from London, as the girls are immaculate, make-up,hair, dressed in all the latest trends and the guys are pretty much the same. i digress. My stylish Liverpudlians, direct me to a restaurant strip just off the main shopping high street, past LiverpoolOne, the shopping centre and recommend me to try ‘Salthouse’ a Charcuteria and Tapas bar for a quick spot of lunch.

Of course this weekend is actually the Golf Open at Holylake, the restaurant is quite packed and I wait for a few minutes, before being seated. The restaurant has two levels, ground and a mezzanine with high ceilings and a New York style feel to it. Exposed overhead heating system gives it an urban city feel, yet the stained glass vertical windows add some warmth to this circular shaped restaurant and bar.

With my training about to kick off I need to be mindful of what is going in mouth..(no gags thank you). It’s about protein, egg whites, good carbs only and veggies.. it’s only for 3 months.. argh!! The menu is looks very tempting and if I was doing a full review I’d definitely be going for some of the fish, scallop and more interesting tapas dishes that they have. There’s a good selection of beers from Estrella beer to lots of Sangria, Spanish wines, Sherry and Cava.

Today, I fancied the sound of the Heritage tomatoes,roasted peppers, fresh basil and capers salad with a chargrilled fillet steak, on a rosti potato and black pudding with peppercorn sauce.

Panzanella Salad

Panzanella Salad

Chargrilled Fillet Steak

Chargrilled Fillet Steak

All washed down with one bottle of San Pellgrino, can you see my halo yet.. such willpower resisting a bottle of Estrella and I wasn’t even tempted. Good random recommendation. Thank you Liverppol.

The bill was also very reasonable at 16.75
1 Hanover St, Liverpool, L1 3DW


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