See You at ‘See Sushi’ in Paddington

It’s a busy mid week lunchtime when I arrive at See Sushi in Paddington this week . I had been keen to try this restaurant out for sometime, tucked away in Paddington within a lovely Piazza style square, complete with pretty water feature to look out onto.

Tatiki Tuna Tartare

Tatiki Tuna Tartare

Sushi is one of my all time favourite cuisines and if I could I would probably only live on a diet of Sushi and Dim Sum, the flavours and subtle tastes in these dishes are always delicious. I was anticipating some of my favourite dishes for this review and was not disappointed with the Maguro Tuna Tatiki dish and chicken gyoza all very tasty. I particularly enjoyed the sake infused Carpaccio of Salmon and Tuna, which were all very good quality ingredients and could be enjoyed as several small plates for lunch not just as appetisers as it suggests on the menu. The fish is all responsibly sourced from around the UK and Scottish waters, also good to know.

For the main we had a mixture of sushi dishes and a main of Black Cod with Miso, which was absolutely fantastic and large – at £15.50 it’s not cheap but for London, it’s also not the most expensive and between two is do-able!

Now I am willing to try quite a few new and unusual things and would say I’m quite an adventurous and inquisitive diner – but ‘Eel’ has always been a turn off even the though of it.. No no no… oh go on then.

With my in for a penny in for a pound motto I pushed myself to try the Maki Dragon roll with tempura prawn.. the dreaded eel, which was grilled, avocado.. it was surprisingly good. So good I might actually be tempted to order it next time.

See Sushi - Maki Dragon Rolls

See Sushi – Maki Dragon Rolls

I know I was in danger of over ordering but I couldn’t resist the Maki Spider rolls as well, always a standard favourite and they didn’t disappoint. We drank green tea and water, as it was lunchtime – but I think these dishes in my humble opinion call for some warm sake personally.

See Sushi - Spider Rolls

See Sushi – Spider Rolls

Overall I think this is a great little restaurant with high quality freshly made Sashimi and Sushi dishes, the Chefs are all Japanese as our most of the wait staff, always a good sign and they seem to genuinely care about the food. If you’re looking for a mid-week dinner or lunch option or even stranded waiting for a train at Paddington Station, bear this in mind next time you are in Paddington and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of tourists and the high street.


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