Loving Homemade cooking in the depths of Winter

Allow me some self- indulgence… I think I’m an SAD during the long Winter months anyway. I need lots of good comfort food, lots of sleep and preferably Sun.. I know as a single London gal I should be gadding about town, but high heels and the snow simply don’t go!

Snow in South West London

The only thing to do in these circumstances is to decamp – a change of scenery as they say is as good as a rest ! So I recently took myself off to Guildford and was treated to some rather fabulous Pork belly with Swede and Spinach puree.. wow !! The follow evening was an extremely yummy fish pie with lots of fluffy potato mash , cod and spinach, served on my cousin’s Coat of Arms dinner service. I was most honoured!!!

emmm Seconds anyone!!

Fish Pie on the Goodbody Coat of Arms dinner service!

Following Guildford my tour of GB, took me to Cardiff (Wales)  to see my good friends and spend some quality time together. What surprised me, were the culinary delights that awaited me – homemade dough / garlic bread and pizzas and fresh salad one evening, followed by an absolutely stunning Brocolli and Parmesan Cheese soup.

Cardiff - with lots of Welsh Dragons

Prepping homemade meatballs for Pizza base

Fresh Garlic Bread

Freshly made pizza dough and toppings

I might keep this little adventure going and taste my way around GB with my friends and family! Well the ones that can cook hee hee


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