The Delicious Traveller – The beginning

I’m very excited to be starting the Delicious Traveller blog, food and travel are such passions of mine, I either have gypsy blood or should have been born in a hotter country, as I love to explore and discover new places.  Although I do love having  London as my home base, with new restaurants and bars opening every week, it definitely keeps me out of trouble.  I hope that you enjoy hearing about my travels and food that I’ll be trying home and away.

Fun Times

A quick four day trip down to Estepona, in the South of Spain with friends, saw a veritable Spanish feast of Paella, Jamon Iberico and lots and lots of delicious seafood for my birthday festivities.

Estepona town has the Spanish fisherman village feel to it, amidst the overgrown coastal resorts, and the population is still more Spanish than ex-pat. The town has some hidden gems that the locals like to keep to themselves; they are in and around the town on the little backstreets of the marble paved streets.

The summer generally sees well-heeled Madrileños arrive in their droves staying at their holiday homes on the coast. Eating late is a way of life to them – with lunch served at two in the afternoon and dinner from 10pm onwards (or more than likely mid-night).

With some local knowledge and Spanish eating times in mind, we headed down to one of these secret and well hidden restaurants, known for its exquisite seafood. Well I call it a restaurant, which it is, but it started life as a garage and has been transformed into a very pretty eatery.

Starting with a complimentary plate of Almejas – that’s clams to you and me – we ventured to the Seafood platter, a huge silver platter of seafood arrived on the table which entailed an amazing display of Lobster, clams, razor clams, scallops, King prawns and shrimps all washed down with a delicate bottle of white wine – Antonio Barbadillo, a popular Spanish dry white wine with a minerally and refreshing taste – perfect with fish.

How good does that look – sorry about the rather poor photo, but as the blog develops I promise to invest in a good camera and take better photos of the food, drink  and locations !!!


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